KCLoftCentral History

  • Where the Phoenix Restaurant and Bar now sits used to be part of Kansas City’s burgeoning Garment District. The Phoenix Hotel was constructed in 1888, a somewhat shady establishment that was rumored to be more of a bordello than a hotel. On the first floor was a speak-easy type saloon owned and operated by bartender Frank Valerius, and on the second floor was a hotelâ owned by Mrs. Linna Laws. The Phoenix Restaurant and Bar is now part of SoHo Lofts.
  • Beginning in the late 1800’s up until around 1956 streetcars dominated the urban streetscape Downtown. This long lost tunnel on 8th Street, which ran from the West Bottoms to the burgeoning Garment District, was the brainchild of D.M. Edgerton, a railroad magnate who built the first elevated line in this area.
  • Kansas City’s Historic Garment District. Looking South on Broadway from 7th Street.
  • Fountains Lofts is an eight-story heavy timber building located in the heart of the Historic Garment District. Built in 1903 this structure was originally the headquarters for wholesaler Faxon, Horton and Gallegher Company.
  • Located in the heart of Kansas City’s Historic Garment District, 700 Broadway is a unique five-story building that was built in 1900. This building originally served as a dry goods storage warehouse for Maxwell, McClure Notion Company.
  • Once renowned as the largest grain exchange in existence, the Board of Trade building located at 10th and Wyandotte was erected in 1924 as home to the Kansas City Board of Trade.
  • Trading Floor at the Board of Trade Building. The primary commodity exchanged on this floor was Hard Red Winter Wheat.
  • A busy day of trading on the floor at the Board of Trade Building. Today this trading floor is home to several of Kansas City’s most luxurious penthouse condominiums.
  • TWA DC-3 passing over the Phoenix Hotel in Kansas City’s Historic Garment District. Kansas City served as a hub for Trans World Airlines and was home to their Corporate Headquarters until 1964.
  • Beginning in the late 1800’s up until around 1956 streetcars dominated the urban streetscape. During that time Kansas City was the center for the livestock and hay markets in the United States.
  • Emery, Bird, Thayer & Company was a department store in Downtown Kansas City for more that 100 years. The firm’s warehouse at 16th and Walnut was converted into residential lofts. During the renovation, lettering on the side of the warehouse reading Emery Bird Thayer Warehouse was repainted by Master Realty Properties.
  • Originally constructed in 1910 as a production plant for the National Biscuit Company (Nabisco), the massive brick ovens are still a feature in the Stuart Hall Building located at 2121 Central in the Crossroads District.
  • This corporate motto was the basis for Stuart Hall Stationery’s success for many years. This timeless mission is still in use at KCLoftCentral.
  • The Phoenix Restaurant and Bar, located at 8th and Central, is part of Soho Lofts. The Phoenix features live music every night and is a favorite hangout for SoHo residents. Visit the Phoenix today!
  • The New England Building as constructed 1886-1887 by the New England Mutual Life Insurance Company. The south and west exterior walls of the New England are constructed of rose colored Springfield sandstone shipped from Massachusetts.
  • The New England Building was home to Trans World Airlines (TWA) Corporate Offices and Pilot Training in the 1940s. American industrialist, Howard Hughes, had an office in the building at that time.
  • The New England Building was one of the first ‘fireproof buildings’ in Kansas City. The ashes of Frank James, Jesse James’s brother, were stored at the New England Safe Deposit company until 1928.


KCLoftCentral is Downtown Kansas City’s leading provider of Lofts, Apartments and Condominiums. Our main office is located at 127 West 10th Street in Downtown Kansas City.

KCLoftCentral was organized in 2000 as the marketing brand for Master Realty Properties (MRP). MRP is a real estate investment and development company based in Kansas City. MRP has been at the forefront of Kansas City’s Downtown renaissance for more than 20 years. A majority of the firm’s investments are certified historic structures in the urban core.

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