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Personality Galore: The Brick Walls of Lofts in Kansas City Offer Lots of Potential

Creative Ways to Bring Your Style to Your New Space

KCLoftCentral has been leading the development of Kansas City historic structures for over 30 years. Restoring and rehabbing these unique properties into Kansas City lofts, condos and apartments while preserving their distinct characteristics is our passion. Our goal is to create living and working spaces that provide modern amenities against the backdrop of original features, such as brick walls, huge windows, timber ceilings and original flooring.

Lofts in Kansas City offer seemingly unlimited potential for you to bring your personal style to the space, whether it’s a smaller or expansive loft. It’s an occupational hazard that we have the opportunity to appreciate the creative ways people furnish and decorate lofts in Kansas City. No doubt, for some, the soaring ceilings, exposed brick and breathtaking windows pose a challenge with too many or too few options for furniture and art layout.

We talked to our experts, the ones who are in and out of lofts in Kansas City from the Garment District to the Crossroads, to get their insider view on the best creative ways to bring your style to downtown Kansas City living.

Smaller Space? Go BIG
Just because the square footage is smaller, don’t feel like you’re destined for smaller furniture. A large piece of furniture won’t necessarily overwhelm the space, but rather become the focal point and give a sense of grandeur –much like many lofts in Kansas City themselves.

Going large can apply to seating like a sofa, but consider bar chests, wall units and armoires, which can serve as storage either inside or under them… Which leads us to keeping the space uncluttered. Using the right-sized furniture can keep a space from feeling cluttered compared to using small furnishings to fill up the space.

Choose the Right Rug Size
Many lofts in Kansas City have beautifully restored floors, which are lovely to look at, but perhaps not so comfortable in the winter months when you climb out of bed and put your feet on the cold floor. Adding a rug lets you appreciate your floors, but make your space more comfortable. Not to mention, rugs can add to the design aesthetic.

When choosing the right-sized rug, remember a larger rug can make a space feel larger. In larger lofts, rugs can be used to define areas, like dining, seating, reading, etc. If your loft has wall-to-wall carpeting, layer rugs over the carpeting, again to define spaces, add depth and bring in color or texture.

Visualize, Plan and Measure
If you’re not blessed with a gift for spatial perception, it can be hard to visualize how large pieces will fit in a space and how they’ll look. A good solution is to grab a measuring tape and some painter’s tape. Measure pieces and layout the painter’s tape on the floor or wall. This can give a realistic idea of your floor and art plan, as well as save a lot of grief if you’ve not purchased pieces yet.

When it comes to loft moving, using an elevator, and moving your belongings into the upper levels of the loft space are unique challenges that may make more sense to accomplish with the help of measurements. Beyond convenience, knowing how large the elevators and hallways are in your new home can create an easy and effective move.

Use Tables and Shelves to “Hang” Art and Mirrors
If you’re renting a loft in Kansas City, the owner may not allow drilling into exposed brick or plaster walls. If you’re buying a loft, you may not want to damage your walls. One solution is to use shelving and/or cabinets. Art work and mirrors can be leaned against or perched on top of them. Larger pieces can be leaned against the wall from the floor. Another solution is to use commercially available brick clips. Just be careful to match the clip to the size of your bricks.

Make a Loft in Kansas City Your Home
KCLoftCentral has so many options from which to choose. Talk to one of our experienced team members about what you’re looking for and what is most important to you. We’ll perfectly match your wants and needs to a loft and building you’ll love and that will feel like home.