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Owners Who’ve Outgrown Their Homes Moving to Kansas City Lofts Downtown

Homeowners outgrow their homes for any number of reasons, such as kids heading off to college, divorce, changing family size, etc. Many of them are looking at lofts downtown nearer the places they enjoy spending their time rather than commuting back and forth to the suburbs.

Kansas City’s downtown didn’t always have the appeal that it does today. However, the revitalization process is old enough now that some early urban loft residents have moved to the suburbs, advanced in or retired from their careers and are ready to move back to the downtown neighborhoods they loved. And, today they’re finding a better selection of lofts downtown than ever before. The convenience of living downtown, building amenities available today, transportation options like the streetcar and the entertainment options now rooted in the River Market, Crossroads and Power & Light districts are icing on the cake.

Making Room

KCLoftCentral’s agents work with former homeowners of all ages to find the right loft downtown to meet their needs, and more importantly their expectations of living downtown. One of the first things to take into consideration is downsizing. It can be difficult to visualize going from living in what’s often a two-story home to a loft with less square footage.

Often times, loft buyers or renters are selling homes with three or more bedrooms. How many times are the bedrooms, beyond the master bedroom, used? How many times do you step foot in the spare rooms? Most “living” happens in the kitchen, living/family room, bedroom and bath. Even formal dining rooms have gone by the wayside in today’s open floorplan concepts.

We find that even residents who were initially a little concerned with space quickly enjoy not having the upkeep and wasted space of unused rooms. It was more about downsizing their furniture and stuff than downsizing square footage. Our buildings have storage space available, making it easier to delay decisions on what you keep and what goes. Plus, amenities not found in suburban neighborhoods, like fitness studios, social lounges, patios, theatres, hot tubs, spas, an indoor pool and much more or distinctive loft features such as soaring heavy timber ceilings and colorful brick walls or a breathtaking view of Kansas City’s skyline from your own private balcony.

For many of our residents, downsizing also applies to the garage. Many find that two cars are no longer needed being so close to the most popular areas and public transportation at their doors. The option to downsize to one or no vehicle becomes real, which saves even more money on gas, insurance, maintenance, car payments, personal property tax, etc.

More Free Time

Loft owners and renters find they have more free time on their hands than homeowners do. The key is to finding activities you enjoy doing to fill that time that used to be spent on taking care of a house. Moving to a loft downtown offers a wide variety of options, especially in Kansas City.

With KCLoftCentral’s lofts located in the Garment District, Library District, Crossroads Arts District and Freight House District, residents are within walking distance or a streetcar ride away from popular venues like T-Mobile Center, the library, River Market farmers’ market, Kauffman Center, Crossroads art galleries, shopping and more.

Shirking Responsibility

When you add up all the time and effort spent on home maintenance and care, not only do loft owners and renters have more time to do the things they really want to do, but also less mental and financial stress that comes from the responsibility of home ownership.

Living in a downtown loft means no yardwork or lawn maintenance, no more snow shoveling, and often simply calling our office when a repair is needed.

Going on vacation when you live in a downtown loft is a simple as packing and locking the door behind you. With access-controlled security, you have peace of mind.

All the Creature Comforts of a Home

If you think that Kansas City downtown lofts are designed for a specific age group, you’re wrong. Developers like KCLoftCentral saw the writing on the wall early. Those just starting out and those retiring or downsizing are moving into lofts downtown in most urban metropolitans.

Our buildings include amenities that appeal to all age groups, including pools, gyms, WiFi and dog parks. And, they offer the more luxurious features, such as multiple bedrooms for guest rooms or home offices, kitchens and bathrooms with high-end finishes and walk-in closets.

Ready to Trade the Yard for a Loft?

Talk to one of our experienced team members about what you’re looking for and what is most important to you. We’ll perfectly match your lifestyle and needs to a loft downtown.